You may know her as our audiobook guru and resident purveyor of fine gourmet cupcakes, but RONI GALLIMORE is sooo much more than that! Part of our legen-wait for it!-DARY Think Tank, Roni’s also a big engine here in the office – our Wizard of the mass registration process, class enrollment gatekeeper, private lesson organizer, and master of way too many other day-to-day office tasks to track… not to mention her winning ways on the phone with ‘Traxers near and far, ALL of which makes us especially glad she was born! So we celebrated another trip around the sun for her earlier this week, and her desk tells the tale. If you’d like to pile on with a little love of your own, the comment section awaits you below! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO, Roni! We’re so proud to have you representing that Voicetrax spirit with the rest of us. All our love, Samantha, Vicki & Chuck