Happy New Year, All You Crazy ‘Traxers! SO, didn’t get around to making any New Year’s resolutions? Excellent! Let us help you out by offering the following…


1. Let’s continue to get homework in on time. Here’s one rule of thumb that will save you a TON of trouble: do not wait till the last half hour before it’s due! That’ll be a great professional habit to develop, by the way. Juuust sayin’.

2. THINK POSITIVE: when Sam asks what you would do to make a take better, don’t whip yourself over what you did wrong! Express your answer instead in terms of the positive corrections you would apply to improve it.

3. Lose those 10 pounds, but watch the timing – if you have a class early in the year with Graziano providing lunch, wait till after. If you have one later in the term, lose a little extra to balance the inevitable gain!

4. “Have you ever been six years old” is not a question about your personal effects, now. Don’t leave behind your water bottle, journal, glasses, umbrella, jacket, diamond earrings, car – well you get the point.

5 – and if you waver on any of the first 4, be SURE to do this – REMEMBER, the reward lies in the risk! Have fun, enjoy the process, and TAKE CHANCES!

Thanks, and here’s to a fantastic 2017!