From the COMMANDO VOICE-OVER files: you never know what you might encounter on a booking with a madcap genius writer/director… unless that same madcap genius writer/director has also been your teacher at Voicetrax! Bay Area Comedy Radio Guru and Guest Director SAM POND ran ‘Traxer LIZ O’NEILL through some unusual paces on Friday; Sam wanted an outdoor ambience – and since nothing sounds more like the outdoors than… well, uh… the actual OUTDOORS, Sam was more than willing to throw the environment out the actual window! And as squirrel and sparrow alike rose and gave audience, a great time was had by all! According to Liz:

“What could be better than recording with Sam Pond? Recording with Sam Pond outside!! We had a blast recording al fresco to capture authentic ambient sound quality. Sam was directing us out a window! This was a session that set the bar for fun, creativity and working with the best. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Moral of the story? NO TWO DAYS ARE ALIKE in the life of a voice-actor – and if you’re ready for ANYTHING, you might just be in for a LOT MORE FUN than you were expecting!