– voice-over bookings and AWARDS for voice-over bookings… Diablo has been one of the top video game titles in the world for almost 30 years, and when it came time to roll out Diablo IV’s debut on Twitter, ‘Traxer LAZLO BEAUREGARD was found to be just the man to announce it!

“Booked this a week before I left to go back home for vacation.

Day I was flying out Nate called for a check-avail to find out when I was leaving (had booked out inclusive of that day). Finished the session about 7 hours before I had to leave to catch my flight out of SFO!” – Lazlo

And ‘Traxer MATT SPAUR also brings us a happy development:

“Thought I’d share some good news!

Apple named the book I most recently narrated, ‘Goodbye to Clocks Ticking,’ as a Best Book for March! It’s an uplifting journey of truly seeing and appreciating what makes life worth living in the year following a terminal cancer diagnosis. It is also a sort of postcard from a place many of us will one day visit. Apple called it ‘an inspiring memoir about mindfulness, perspective, and grace.’ It’ll be released on March 14.” – Matt

CONGRATULATIONS, Gentlemen! Way to work and be ready – for the recording session that comes at the last minute, and for the praise and trophies that often follow!




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