YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN! Between interactive titles like “The Sims” and countless toys needing non-verbal expressions of clear emotions, there is actually a rich market for gibberish in the voice-over industry! ‘Traxers GREG EDMUNDS and RHIANNON BROGAN, both recent bookers of Crate Creatures and Hatchimals, respectively, can tell you ALL about it. And the stars finally aligned this year to bring us three great directors – AARON MINER, LAUREN KELLY and GAVIN HAMMON – for a whole new class in gibberish: Hpxedchvbsepriuch! What does that even MEAN? Something pretty useful according to the students of last weekend’s Inaugural session…

“I really enjoyed the class… I left with a lot of information, and tools to practice and enthusiasm to keep working on my gibberish. All three instructors were friendly and helpful and I learned a lot from watching all the other students do their takes. I am excited to keep practicing because speaking nonsense is so much fun! “ – Genevieve Schloesser

“I thought that wdfghcjkl would be a piece of cake. I pride myself in making no sense in the world as we know it. But this gibberish is not your standard sdfghjkl! I enjoyed having 3 different directors with their own perspectives on the subject. Starting the class on Friday with gibberish improv was not my finest moment, but some of the skits were fabulous. For me the whole class was about thinking way outside of the box which most certainly translates positively to other categories of voice over.” – Bill Naylor

“I really had no idea what to expect from this class but assumed it would be fun, useful for character work, and something unique that I could only find at Voicetrax, and I was right! I absolutely loved the class, especially the three instructors… (they) made the class connect and loosen up through warm ups, and provide a very encouraging and safe space to be our silly selves. We were getting so into it that we’d respond to each other in gibberish over lunch at Driver’s!“ – Katherine Tole

“Hpxedchvbsepriuch was good! Gibberish is one of those technical things that seems to never get enough time… and when I saw it on the list this term I jumped. I knew it would have wider implications than just toy talk. I think I’m going to start using a gibberish take into my preparation process, at least sometimes, to help me home in on emotional clarity.” – Tyson Underwood

“This class was so much fun and I definitely feel more confident and came away with specific things I can work on. Some aspects were more difficult, some came easier than expected. I appreciated the different perspectives and styles of the three different teachers, it felt well rounded that way. Looking forward to using some new skills! Thanks!” – Ari Sigal