A fundamental quality you MUST HAVE for success as a voice actor is VERSATILITY, so much so that we have a class all about it: the Versatility Factor! This class ran the gamut from commercial through character work straight to actual dramatic scenes, all in the pursuit of determining the single student to show the most range. Samantha considered the challenges inherent in all the class copy, and in the end, it wasn’t necessarily about who had the highest marks. Try as she might to come up with a different winner for argument’s sake, in the end, all roads led back to ‘Traxer MEGAN RATTO!

“Hey gang!

What an incredible 6 weeks it has been! I had such a blast working with all the amazing performers in class and I am absolutely gobsmacked with the news! This class was such a great lesson on performing strong intentions and the flipping to something completely different in mere seconds to really be versatile with different genres of copy. A huge thanks to my amazing(ly mean ) scene partner for helping me really connect with the script on a personal level and perform such raw emotions. I truly am over the moon with the news and I am so thankful for all the love and support everyone always brings to class.


Megan Ratto”

CONGRATULATIONS, Megan! And a tip of our hats to the Runners-Up: EVERYBODY ELSE. There were so many personal bests and “3.0” scores flying around, it made Samantha proud of every single one of you!




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