From the NOTHING LIKE YOUR FIRST BOOKING FILES: having just finished a Voicetrax-produced Voice123-style demo – with all the production value of a regular demo condensed to a three-script sampler – ‘Traxer HAROLD DAVIS went after some game on and scored his first paid booking!

“The job I booked is called Houston Bingo Blitz. It is an app for a bingo game. I booked it through Voice 123 and it was quite intensive… I had no idea it required me to go through the entire bingo letters and numbers; i.e. b1 through b15, i 16 to i30, n31 to n45, G46-60, O61-75. The pacing had to be right, my tone a bit happy, and the inflections different for each one; quite a challenge!

I feel really proud of myself and excited to do more work in the future.

Certainly my training at Voicetrax helped me with script analysis, who I was speaking to, where it was, etc. – also, how to interpret the script for the type of emotion I needed to instill. I would not have gotten this job without the training I received at Voicetrax!”

Congratulations, Harold – and get set for many more to come!