Once again Voicetrax students and alumni are pulling out all the stops and spreading their talent far and wide throughout the voice-over industry.  Below is just a small sampling of all the links we receive at our Booking News e-mail (bookingnews@www.voicetraxsf.com) from our students. Take a look and a listen and witness what it takes to be a true voice-over superstar. We couldn’t be more proud!!

Lara Asmundson, Fathom Impact Travel, narrator:

Owen Baker-Flynn, Roto Rooter, Santa Claus and announcer:

Stephen Barlow, Chuck Kourouklis, Louisa Mackintosh, Schwab investor videos, call-in customers:


Vicki Baum, Openprise, narrator:

Colin Benoit, Atlassian, narrator:

Jim Edgar, Cissy Jones-Lin, REI, voices:

John Ellsworth, DeMarillac Academy, narrator:

Nina Greeley, Suzuki SV650, announcer:

Rocio Guitard, PG&E, narrator:

Liz O’Neill, Ace Hardware, announcer: