NEW from the NOTHING LIKE YOUR FIRST TIME files: congratulations are now in order for ‘Traxer BRIDGET MAGUIRE-COLTON! Bridget just booked her first gig thru Stars, The Agency:

“I’m so excited to share my first agency gig with you!

The gig: Radio/web spots for Plume Home Security
The role: A door lock. Yup.

I only had 2 lines in the script, but I did those lines at least a dozen different ways with three-in-a-row takes of each type of direction. They also changed the lines up on me multiple times, so being able to pivot on the fly and go with whatever I was told while staying in character was crucial. They even wanted a few takes of me as Gandalf doing the line “You Shall Not Pass!” I’m not sure if that was actually for the spot or just because we were having so much fun, but I gave it to them! The best moment: making the directors laugh.

Bridget Maguire-Colton”

WAY TO GO, Bridget! Getting a laugh is great, and we suspect you’ll be laughing your way to the bank before long! Another hard-working student, another success story started – it’s almost as if there’s a PATTERN here, one we may have even mentioned once or twice…

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