Life-Changing Decisions

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You’re always ONE DECISION away from reinventing your life… and sometimes, one decision can ultimately reinvent thousands of lives!  On a fateful day in 1981, Samantha Paris and Thom Pinto met to play girlfriend and boyfriend on a booking – and they hit it off so well, they decided to take their pairing a little further than a recording session.  And as you’ll see in the video, this decision set up a series of events leading straight to the Voicetrax we all know and love today, and to the countless personal reinventions resulting from its creation, which ultimately led to Samantha’s own reinvention (life’s a circle!) as an author, penning her soon-to-be-published, entertaining, and illuminating memoir, “Finding The Bunny”!  Keep an eye right here for more information about the book…


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