Maybe it wasn’t absolutely THAT fast, but at #VoicetraxSF, we’ve lost track of all the times ‘Traxers have booked jobs from Guest Directors they’d recently had in class! Take the case of ELENA HOLLANDER, who took the cake by booking a cake:

“Wanted to share a booking for Albertsons/Safeway where I got to be the voice of a birthday cake (biggest dream). Video below!

I got this through Sound and Fury casting, which I had an AMAZING time taking a class with through Voicetrax with Tina Morasco and Carli Silver, who were so fun and supportive and helpful. I also was sent the audition through my agent, Mike O’Dell, who was recommended to me by Thom Pinto, who I took classes with at Voicetrax and coach with. So THANK YOU Voicetrax and all of the amazing teachers/people who work with Voicetrax!



NICE JOB, Elena! And if you’ll pardon the expression, we bet this’ll be far from your last cakewalk.




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