On Mom’s birthday… give her the gift of your FIRST BOOKING – ? Believe it or not, that’s just how it worked out for ‘Traxer ALVIN CHOW, and he did it without an agent! Join us now as he spins this tale of unexpected voice-over intrigue:

“They say luck is preparation plus timing, for me, luck was Voicetrax plus, well… luck. When I received the audition from Voice123.com I was ecstatic. A gig about Taiwan! My mother is Taiwanese and she told me that her birthday wish was to hear about my first booking, so it’s apt that my first booking is one about Taiwan!

When I saw this opportunity, I felt it was made for me: Taiwanese American wanted, it talked about Taiwanese food, and it looked super professional. Only problem was: “Source Connect required.” I was almost scared away from this audition since I know nothing about the program, but I thought to myself, “Do I really want to avoid this perfect script just cause SourceConnect is scary?” Then Vicki’s words rang in my ears, “I figured SourceConnect out in a day and so really anyone should be able to.” And so I thought “To heck with it! To the internet!”

The session itself was a doozy! SourceConnect kept cutting off and it’s TRUE what they say about the anxiety the performer feels when there are long pauses and the engineer and producer are talking. All I could do was rely on my training to pull me through. We did all sorts of stuff including a few Three in a Row’s (Thanks Thom Pinto!). I had to interpret what the director and producer were saying with my expert Voiceover Angels guiding my way. They even said that next time SourceConnect will work. Next time! They said NEXT TIME!!!

Voicetrax helped me so much, especially with classes like Think Visually Act Vocally allowing me to visualize each image, BookingGigs123 to help me present my most professional self, and Sam’s private lesson challenging me to actually go for it. If I remember correctly she told me “Do a hundred auditions then talk to me,” when I asked for some tough love on auditioning with no online likes, and I thought, “Challenge Accepted.” So here I am, able to officially call myself a voice actor. Thank you Voicetrax!”


WOW, Alvin, color us impressed! But not necessarily surprised – the fact that you’re one of the crazy-hardest-working students we’ve got may have a wee little bit to do with this first triumph and the many, many to follow!



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