IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO START… and if you’ve ever doubted that phrase, here’s your proof: MONTEREY MORRISEY started his journey at #VoicetraxSF in the ‘90s… yes, the 30-years-ago ‘90s. Life would intervene at some points, geography at others, and there were times where it wasn’t at all clear where the journey would take Monterey – but the important thing is, Monterey NEVER GAVE UP on his dream. He even moved to LA last fall to go after it even harder! And now, in a way he would never been able to predict, Monterey is enjoying a global payoff for his persistence:

“This whole thing is just nuts and really the fabled Hollywood story. Of course in this case, I came here to get some serious acting work and got kidnapped by TikTok instead! But…it sounds like it’s leading to the same place anyway, just updated with the times a bit.

I’ve always been on this path and just saw the road as well, just that…this was how my journey was taking me and it was how I was getting there, so just keep putting one foot in front of the other and I’d make it. So, now I’ve crossed the city limits, still walking but with a much bigger smile and a much happier heart, knowing how much I owe thanks to all those that helped, coached and inspired me along the way!

The Press lately has really started to move thanks to us about to break 4 million followers and 75 million likes but our favorite so far was the Aussies at Studio 10 in Sydney! (well next to back in April when our raps were #4 on the Billboard Song-Breaker Chart! Freaking Nuts!)”. So now we’re international!

Love to you, the Voicetrax gang, and thanks again for all those butt-kicks and smiles”

And not just Down Under, but The New York Times and this ABC News broadcast, too! CONGRATULATIONS, Monterey – we can’t think of anyone who deserves this more than you!



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