After ‘Traxer DEB FOWLER enjoyed a nice, straightforward session for her first booking – without representation! – her second booking seemed a little more daunting! But as with so many #VoicetraxSF students, she found herself a little more prepared than she first thought:

“What’s worse than NOT booking a job? Actually BOOKING a job! At least when it is only your SECOND job and the FIRST one ON YOUR OWN! My first job was a directed session on Source Connect and when I was finished voicing my lines, I walked away. I knew EXACTLY what they wanted, cuz they TOLD me, in my ears, what they wanted.

For this one… HELP!! I’m on my own. What do they want? What do I know about this character? Who is she? How much ‘mastering’ do I do to my file? Send it raw? mp3? wav?

I forget to ask ANY of that! And now it was the weekend.

I booked the job, (at 4:30 pm just this past Friday) voicing a real woman in an animatd section of a DOCUMENTARY!! That could go to FILM FESTIVALS!! NO pressure there! When I auditioned, I thought I might get ONE line! The script that was sent to me had two lines and two paragraphs!

I kept putting off actually getting in the booth. I was too nervous. Late Sunday afternoon, after doing really important things like vacuuming the crevices of my windows and sliding doors (which I have never done in my LIFE…) I finally got into the booth.

The audition I had sent in around noon on Friday had been either my first or second take. No big deal. The Creative Director had loved it and offered me the role.

I must have done 50 takes between late yesterday afternoon and this morning (Monday). (Funny how they pretty much all sounded the same…) but I just kept saying to myself “Thank you VTSF!! This is why we practice, like it’s the real world. I AM ready for this and I CAN do it!!”

I ended up sending off five takes (I know… I know… but I DID have some variety after I would take a break and come back and try again). I hit ’send’ at 9:30 am this morning. By 11:00 am the Creative Director said that all of my takes were ’strong’ and they would choose which one to use based on the tone of the other characters. She wanted to know how I wanted my name listed in the credits (the CREDITS!!) and by noon, I had been paid through my PayPal account!

WOW!! Thank you, TEAM VTSF, for being ‘with’ me through a crazy, stressful, FUN, four days. I want to do it again!!” – Deb Fowler

That’s the spirit, Deb! Keep at it just like that, and we promise, you’ll get to do it again! And again and again and again…



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