Tara Strong

By the time you’ve racked up 600+ credits on your IMDB page, what do you suppose would be your favorite thing about a storied career in animation voice-acting? Fame and fortune?  Adulation from fans?  Constant invitations to Comic-Cons?  Believe it or not, TARA STRONG gets even more of a kick out of suiting up than the next cosplayer; but it all runs a little deeper for this legendary, Emmy-nominated voice-actor.  Sure, being “Bubbles” from the Power Puff Girls or “Raven” from Teen Titans or “Batgirl” AND “Harley Quinn” from DC Superhero Girls among countless others all has its perks.  But what Tara cherishes most of all are the kind and supportive people she gets to play in the sandbox with, renowned voice actors like Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, and previous Inside The Voice Actor’s Studio Panelist and Guest Director, Rob Paulsen!  It’s probably easier to list who Tara hasn’t worked with, and the significance of the roles she’s landed isn’t lost on her, either.  She’s racked up so many iconic “girl power” characters that she never forgets her responsibilities as a role model – which is why Tara’s put her name behind charities for children with cancer, anti-bullying, wildlife conservation, and other philanthropic endeavors. So the next time you bump into Batgirl at a convention, watch your step… she might be the REAL DEAL! Just sayin’…

Website: www.tarastrong.com

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