Scott Parkin

Ever had a stretch in your life where you thought, “Jeeeez, they should make a network sitcom out of my life!” Yeah, well neither did SCOTT PARKIN – but with friends like his… Scott’s bestie, in fact, created “Gary Unmarried” out of inspiration from Scott’s dating life as a single father, and of course he wasn’t going to do it without the source!  So Scott was invited on board to write jokes and improvise weekly with Martin Mull, Jane Curtin, Keegan Michael Key and Rob Riggle.  Coming from a world of voice-over and improv acting to CBS was surreal for Scott, and this prompts another question: what kind of cut-up must you be to get fired from your own life story? Gooooooo Scott!  It ultimately didn’t have much of an impact on a career perfecting hundreds of natural, real reads for giant campaigns like Miller Beer, AT&T & McDonalds, and for smaller regional flights too – anything really, just as long as it follows the through line of “fun or find something else to do!” Scott’s main muse is Improv, which is exactly what helps him with those natural, real performances. He’s been to Spain, England, Scotland and all over the U S teaching this technique, because he finds nothing so cool as watching people learn to improvise when they never thought they could. He’ll do it as long as people ask him to, and we’ll ask this immensely popular Guest Director to teach here as long as he’s willing to do it!

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