Sara Jane Sherman

We’re not going to call her hyper-energetic and super-enthusiastic about actors and voice-acting; let’s just say that when the Energizer Bunny saw SARA JANE SHERMAN at work, he tossed his drumsticks over his fuzzy little shoulders in abject defeat and retired to Tallahassee.  Sara Jane is pretty unique among casting specialists in that she truly understands how you work as an actor and speaks to you in actor language!  But even If she didn’t, her obvious joy in the creative process would still beam through, giving her the perfect temperament for 12 years at Disney Television Animation.  There she cast and worked on projects like Big Hero 6: The Series, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse among many other titles.  Casting led to directing, and directing has led Sara Jane to teaching!  Not only does that make her a perfect fit around here at Voicetrax, it makes her absolutely ideal for having world-class fun and learning a lot about what Disney-level Casting and Dialogue Directors are looking for.

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