Sam Pond

Crotchety lobster trappers missing a few fingers… a whole new language made from typographical errors… lyrical odes to “Ballroom Jeans” that distinguish themselves by allowing extra room for, uh, crouching…  even Samantha’s own history coming back to quibble with her on a very funny promo for Finding The Bunny! These are but a tiny taste of the hilarious concepts to spring from the fevered genius of SAM POND!  To call it a “class” doesn’t fully describe the experience with Sam; it’s a peek under the hood at the madcap creative process that’s generated a literal million-dollar idea – a grand prize of $1,000,000 of advertising on Clear Channel Radio at the National EAR Awards – and countless other industry awards for Pond Radio Entertainment!  But a Sam Pond class is also a deeply practical exercise in those all-important disciplines of ad-libbing and improv, ‘cause if an actor has a good idea, Sam is sure to put it to work; entire pencils have given their lives scribbling changes into a Sam Pond script!  When it comes to orchestrating a collaborative effort for the funniest and most memorable commercials ever broadcast, few directors are like Sam, and we’re glad to have him along!


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