Roger Vosburg

After taking every Voicetrax class that wasn’t nailed down, ROGER VOSBURG scored a spot for E-Trade on his second non-union audition – and after a successful session, it dawned on Roger that “maybe I can actually do this!” You’d think a flurry of jobs ranging from web-based characters to audio tours to traditional commercial spots might reinforce that notion, what with actually getting paid to do impressions of flying saucers and chickens (how good could this possibly get?) But still there was the gnawing doubt, “can I really do the big-time stuff?” THEN came an invitation to LA for a week of auditioning, and the big fish in the little pond was  swimming with the whales now!  So there he was on the first day among voice actors he knew about and admired, dreading a full-on P-P-P-Porky Pig stutter attack;  but when he got the first scripts, he took a deep breath, applied all that Voicetrax training and hard work he had put in, and OWNED the booth, booking two spots during that glorious week!  Since then Roger has done radio and TV spots, narration, interactive games, audio tours and numerous IVR phone prompt applications, realizing at long last, “yes I CAN do this!” – and what should the next question be? “Can I teach this?” of course!  You can count on our IVR guru to provide gentle yet firm guidance coupled with a fair dose of humor.



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