Randall Ryan

And now, for the holistic approach to voice acting, we offer veteran Video Game Casting Director RANDALL RYAN! Known for his voice direction on such video game titles as Dungeons and Dragons, Lord Of The Rings, Cobra Kai and Nickelodeon’s All-Star Brawl, Randall brings a uniquely philosophical approach to casting and directing for voice actors: “As a musician I watched so many really talented people spend countless hours honing their skills in the belief that, if they were just a little better, that it was the key to success… What they didn’t do was to nurture their inner voice, to remember why they were playing an instrument, singing, and songwriting in the first place… So yes, I want to help actors get better on the mic, with character development, realism, versatility, and vocal care. But it’s also about nurturing their souls… Reminding them of their worth as people, as storytellers, as reflections back to society, and to hold onto the love of the art form.” A philosophy so Voicetrax it almost hurts! With an outlook like that, it was obviously inevitable we welcomed this highly accomplished Guest Director to the fold, and we couldn’t be more excited to have Randall join the family.

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