Melissa Hutchinson

C’mon, now, stuffed animals?  What are they without a cute little character voice?  And as voice actors know full well, the slopes are slipperier than Bear Mountain from there on out: why stop at a stuffed animal when you can give a live pet a voice too?  Why stop at a pet when you can give a voice to a random person on the street, or to a noisy appliance, or to a wheezy old Dodge pickup on the street corner?  Sometimes, the acting bug just bites you from the word “GO”: MELISSA HUTCHINSON’S career may span 21 years, but really, she’s been training since she saw her first cartoon!  You might guess that’s what comes from growing up in a theater background, and when Melissa swapped stage for studio, she was really off to the races: television and radio commercials, children’s interactive toys, animation and oh YES, video games where she made her most iconic mark as “Clementine”, the central character of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead as produced by Telltale games!  And with such a wide and varied list of accomplishments, you can count on this award-winning two-time BAFTA Games nominee to show you a whole new angle on toy and video game acting!

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