Lauren Kelly

There she is, sweaty, a bit out of breath, utterly beat as she slumps through the front door. You might think it’s pilates, or marathon jogging, or that she’s been out on a major Zumba bender, dancer-cising to within a millimeter of her life – but nope, LAUREN KELLY is just back from another gibberish voiceover session! It seems that if you’re going to communicate content and emotion without the benefit of any language, you may just need to lean a little harder on your physicality; and with her comprehensive background studying Improv, Lauren doesn’t spare herself the bruises… literally sometimes! Lauren’s gone so far as to chomp veggie sticks, eat popsicles, and even lap water – ALL in character, of course. That’s how she’s made a pile of bones for herself in pretty short order voicing Hatchimals and numerous other gibberish toys, over and above her more conventional commercial credits including a major campaign for Stanford Health. And with this Voicetrax Alum’s easygoing, freewheeling direction style, you might just find yourself speaking a whole new language before you know it!

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