Kay Bess

Join us now as KAY BESS guides us through the mystical world of spirit animals! Might Kay’s be the majestic condor, the wily lone wolf or the graceful deer? Not exactly… “The three-toed sloth is my spirit animal. It gets a bad rap in this fast-paced world, and why the sloth’s particular behavior is considered one of the seven deadly sins, I’ll never understand… It’s just how they’re built. They’re long-haul creatures. They move at their own pace. They stay the course. Like me.” That only stands to reason when you consider Kay’s dedication to overcoming a stutter to master commercial and narration work, not to mention recorded promos for every major network! Her latest frontier? Two years of Meisner technique to brush up, then video games, on titles like Agents Of Mayhem, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and The Last of Us 2. Steady evolution and constant self-improvement have been key to Kay’s 35+ years in the business, which is why we’re delighted whenever she can spare a weekend from baking sourdough bread and mortifying her daughter on TikTok to share her cultivated wisdom at Voicetrax! “As a side note, baby three-toed sloths are particularly darling when grouped together in little baskets.”

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