Katherine & Natasha

Take one part Voice Actor with a comprehensive IT and tech background, and one part self-marketing Voice Acting Guru who’s forgotten more about online casting than most people will ever know, and what do you get? A one-two combo for the ages, a model of techo-creative synergy, a decadent peanut butter cup of skills from the college of online auditioning knowledge!  It’s not just that KATHERINE TOLE and NATASHA MARCHEWKA can finish each other’s sentences, but that they have such a PERFECT combination of specialties to get you tackling online casters like Voice123 with more success than you’ve ever enjoyed before!  Natasha’s been at it since 2006, developing a dynamite networking and direct marketing approach that she’s ready to share with you.  And Katherine will show you how to attack that algorithm, breaking down technical concepts in a way that even the most technophobic won’t run screaming from.  Once you’ve taken in the yin and the yang of the Tole/Marchewka approach, your online bookings will go through the roof!


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