John Baron

You might look at his website and wonder: back pain… muscle tension… maladaptive movement – ? Repetitive stress injury?!  What, you can get carpal tunnel in your tongue?  Just WHAT does all this have to do with voice acting?  In your first half hour with JOHN BARON, you will know.  This isn’t just any Marin new age frou-frou; John will show you very quickly that mind-body connection is a practical consideration just as hard-wired as your favorite electronic device.  How many quintillions of times have you heard from every instructor here the importance of physicality in your performance?  Well when you have that kink in your posture or that tightness in your back, that’s a compromise to your physicality and therefore to your voice acting!  John’s application of the Alexander Technique is life-changing; think of it as tuning out all the static in your physical being.  And once you’ve eliminated the physical blocks to your performance, a lot of the emotional blocks follow right behind – which is why many of John’s students find themselves getting the best sleep of their lives after a lesson or two!  John’s approach to voice acting may be less direct but it is no less important, and we’re happy he’s sharing his expertise here at Voicetrax.


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