Gillian Brashear

So check out THIS background: trained in New York, a start in theater, then a foray into soap operas before moving to Los Angeles for work in films, TV, commercials, more theater and voice-over.  What kinds of films and TV?  How about landing the narrator of the Emmy Award-winning docu-series Wonder Women?  And yet, narration is not what GILLIAN BRASHEAR is here to teach!  Would you believe video games?  ‘Cause Gillian’s got quite the record in acting AND directing those: Cobra Kai 2: Rising Dojos, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Cosmonious High and a remaining litany of titles too long complete here.  What does her versatility across all these genres make Gillian, a quintuple threat? Octuple?  Maybe what’s most important is that students have said of her direction, “She’s a voice-actor’s dream to work with… she offers the most helpful and practical tools to find your way into that authentic performance… and on top of all that, she’s just the nicest human being!”  Sounds like the perfect Guest Director to us!

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