Erik Braa

Cue the Horns from the marauding raiders! But WAIT – does that mean the hallowed ram battle horns favored by the heathen kings of old, or some good ol’ rock ‘n roll devil horns?  ERIK BRAA is happy to accommodate you either way!  When he’s not moonlighting as lead vocalist for Kryptic Memories,  Erik is the #VikingofVoice… well, he is a Viking for anything really. He got his start in video games and has garnered success in all areas of acting, perhaps best-known as the voice of “Draven”, “Jax”, and “VelKoz” in League of Legends. Erik has lent his voice to hundreds of games, from Heroes of the Storm and many Blizzard titles, to The Walking Dead game for Telltale Games!  But you can hear him doing audiobooks like “White Tiger Legend” and Stories like “TransSiberian Railroad” in the Calm app, as well as Commercials and Promos. And if you recognize him, perhaps that’s because of his busy on-camera career!  Pillaging sound booths everywhere, here comes the Viking of Voiceover!  And we’re pleased to have Erik share his storied voice acting wisdom here at Voicetrax.


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