Emiko Susilo

Back in the day when there were VHS videos – Google that if youneed to – little EMIKO SUSILO would set up her mom’s camera and video herself interviewing herself (yes, long before TikTok).  But one day she realized there were no people who looked like her on ANY screen ANYwhere, and on that day she said to the mirror, “There’s no place in this business for you.” So she made a beautiful life for herself in Balinese dance (a whole other beautiful story unto itself), till that fateful day she saw a video with a dog talking about maple bacon. She realized that was a voice actor and started connecting dots, finding Voicetrax online, having an unforgettable initial call with Vicki, and the rest as they say is history! Emiko’s just moved to LA and had her first session at Margarita Mix Hollywood, a gorgeous studio where she was treated like a queen. The crazy thing? The producer who brought her the job and that royal treatment, was one of her best friends/fellow dancer/student/former co-worker. So now, Veteran ‘Traxer Emiko teaches all about how there is a place for each of us and about how not giving up who we are can be the best way to move forward. Oh, and if the word ‘networking’ makes you a little squeamish, it has that effect on Emiko, too – but that won’t stop her from sharing some profound wisdom on the subject with you!

Website:  www.emikosusilovoice.com

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