Devin Glischinski

It takes a tough man and a tender jerky to mess with Sasquatch.   But when those Jack Links Jerky auditions came rolling around, ‘Traxer and Resident Voicetrax Strapping Lad DEVIN GLISCHINSKI proved more than up to the task!  He was a fan of that whole Jack Links “Messin’ with Sasquatch” campaign to start with, but he researched it thru YouTube just to brush up; so when his turn at the audition mic came up, Devin knew just the right mix of dry humor and rustic charm to seal the deal!  Not only did he nab a national campaign VERY shortly after signing with his agency, he showed everybody the way to do the homework that gets the booking. Devin’s another Guest Director and Voicetrax Alumnus who’s persevered to get where he is today – and he’s shown a proclivity to some fairly bent class concepts besides.  Tainted Tales? That class where you return innocent-sounding nursery rhymes to their macabre roots in your performance, or maybe even figure out some twisted NEW angle on “Humpty Dumpty”?  Yup, all Devin’s idea and a great pure acting exercise to boot.  Gotta say, we’re very much looking forward to Devin’s next Big Idea…

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