Ben Gabaldon

Can you imagine it… a musclebound berserker with a 350-pound mace and absolutely nothing to say?  How about a wellness app fruitlessly waving you your step count in sign language, or a little dog robot with a soul-crushing case of muteness?  Luckily for all of humanity, we have sound designer BEN GABALDON to spare us tragedies like these!  With a ten-year history heading Audio Design at organizations like Somatone and Anki, Ben has worked with some of the most amazing voice talent in the Bay Area, directing what seems like every character description imaginable.  Ben’s experience cuts across developers like Elevate Labs and Gameloft, covering global titles like League Of Legends; so if you need someone with a finger on the pulse of exactly what interactive developers want, here’s your man.  All in a day’s work for Ben!  Apps and gadgets and video game characters all need a voice, and Ben considers himself fortunate to help find them – and you never know what he might find in you!

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