Allyson Vox

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Some people start in their craft at a very young age, but even that doesn’t quite tell the story of ALLYSON VOX – if it weren’t for the tripping hazard, she would have started dancing before she could tie her shoe laces!  At it for over 25 years (which from appearances might actually be before she was born), dance was Allyson’s first love; and if there was a way to train, she found it, for any and every available style. The progression from dance to stage was inevitable, and once her feet hit the boards and someone finally confirmed that left was right, and right was left (these terms had always seemed arbitrary to her), Allyson knew she was home!  She nailed down a BA in Cultural Anthropology, Theater and Education at Vassar College, and then an MA in Spiritual Psychology for good measure. And right around the time playing Shakespearean ingenues became, shall we say… a stretch, Allyson discovered the big beautiful worlds of voice over and motion capture, glorious industries allowing her to play everything from 12ft tall, male, alien warriors in Bungie’s Destiny franchise, to a snarky house cat for the Washington Lottery. The range and variety of characters she now gets to play make this li’l actress incredibly happy – so don’t be surprised if a weekend exploring performance capture with Allyson makes you happy, too!


A Few Minutes With Allyson Vox

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