2019 has opened with lots of ‘TRAXER BOOKINGS! From the NETWORKING PAYS files: ‘Traxer BRUCE FRIEDRICKS finds himself spanning a wide variety of jobs thanks to being a “friend of a friend”! Bruce’s connections just got him his first medical narration:

“Many thanks to friend and VO colleague Diane Hayes for referring me to Satellite Films, the production company behind this booking (i.e. not [an agency] booking). And, special thanks to Vicki Baum for helping me to up my game in this particular narration genre which I am very passionate about.”

While we’re on the subject of medical narrations, how about NINA GREELEY:

“Just had to report to Vicki and Chuck, especially, that I booked that Gepotidacin spot (the medical narration for the new antibiotic for gonorrhea– remember? with the utter lack of pronunciation guidance?). Tee hee.

Also, I booked the Visual Descriptive Audio Tours for visually impaired visitors to the permanent collections at the De Young and Legion of Honor — a marathon three hour session. Antenna International contacted me directly for that one, so I hope I’ve made a permanent connection with them. The gig was great fun — detailed descriptions of intricate and interesting visuals — the acting pretty much happens by itself!”

Not to be outdone, here’s an insight CLAIRE FRY picked up on the way to become the voice of the latest FASTRAK campaign:

“There were two versions of the script: the “A” script which was meant to air before the end of the year and was presented as the main script (also the one I auditioned on) and the “B” script which was more of a “we’ll just record this for safety” kind of thing. Well I think because of the pushback on the bridge tolls and the lawsuits challenging Measure 3, they weren’t totally sure that the tolls would go into effect and the whole campaign was pushed back. So while the impulse at the session was to focus on the “main” script, I’m really really glad that I pushed myself all the way through and didn’t let my energy dip because it was the second script (written to air AFTER January 1st) that they ended up using! Just goes to show that *anything* you record in that booth could make it to air, so never give anything less than 100%…”

Congratulations, Claire, Nina and Bruce! And it just goes to show – keep your professional standards high, have an eye out for the right opportunities, and you too will be working a LOT because you WORK a lot!