From the PERSISTENCE PAYS files, a HOT NEW SCOOP: we just held our inaugural session of the VOICETRAX 500 – so named because students auditioned at home to compete for a grand prize of $500 worth of Voicetrax classes, one of our BIGGEST PRIZES yet! And the results are IN. From an initial field of about 40 students recording home auditions, our panel of judges painstakingly narrowed the field down to 14 finalists, who enjoyed a Saturday class getting a comprehensive review of their work with Samantha. After a full day of listening to and working with the students, Sam had a winner in mind – but that initial panel of judges came to their own conclusions too! Uh-oh – how did that all play out? You’ll just have to watch the attached video to see… Hope you enjoy the moment as much as we did, because we just never EVER get tired of witnessing hard work paying off!