LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT… there’s a reason for the saying, “when you least expect it, EXPECT IT.” And ‘Traxer LAURA ALMADA just lived that exact experience with her first booking through Stars, The Agency for a Wall Street Journal demo!
“I had no warning when it finally happened. Just woke up, having my first cuppa coffee, setting up for my morning auditions, and I get a call from Nate saying ‘can you record in an hour?’
What? Instant heart attack. No warning! Now?? What?
I had been paying for Source Connect for months, finally shut it off, and had to scramble to set it back up again, and figure out what to do with it! Omg. Nate bought me 2 hours, I scrambled, then the engineer called in to test my system.
The recording was crazy. 7 people in my headphones – 3 in New York, 3 in London, and the Engineer in Dallas. The copywriter was on the call, and she was writing new copy and emailing it to me during the session. It was all very exciting and wonderful and terrifying, but seemed to go smoothly and the clients seemed happy and said very kind things.
I then spent the rest of the day, and half the next, thinking, ‘crap, THAT just happened! From my tiny studio in the middle of nowhere.’ You really can’t know when your shot will happen. Just have to be ready. I’m so happy and grateful for all of the amazing things I have learned at Voicetrax! Because when I got my first shot, I WAS prepared. And I’m SO looking forward to the next one!!!!
Love You Guys!!!!!!