Click HERE for a transcription of Samantha’s December 13th Address !

PARTY AFTERGLOW: Wow, wow, WOW! The problem with terms like “magical” and “once-in-a-lifetime” is that they all sound like hyperbole, when the TRUTH is they don’t even measure up to this incredible Holiday/30th Anniversary/Finding The Bunny Book Debut we had Wednesday night! For once, we in our characteristic verbosity are rendered utterly verklempt, that’s how wonderful you all were! And as we dive headlong into the belly of the Holiday season, our gratitude about last night will propel us through the end of the year with smiles on all our faces.  And there’ve already been lovely words from some of you…

“What a great night… Thank you all so much for a wonderful evening. I woke up still feeling the warm glow of the evening. Everything was perfect from the Santa napkin decoration to the fabulous dinner and entertainment.

Sam you have worked your butt off building Voicetrax and I admire the talent, grit, and heart that drives you. You are a remarkable woman.

I feel so fortunate to have found a second family at Voicetrax. Vicki, Chuck and Roni are family and kudos to you for building a front office with intelligent, kind and generous souls.

I love you all so much. It has been an honor and privilege to travel this shared journey with each of you.”

– Susan Vlahos

“It’s been so long since I was able to take classes but Sam’s speech last night at the party really inspired me. As she always does…

Love to you all!”

– Annalisa Bastiani

“What a wonderful night last night! Decor, food and festivities were wonderful and we had just a terrific time! Thank you for including me in the celebration!


– Holly Drouillard

“Thanks to ALL of you for a heartwarming, entertaining, and awesome event last night. What a community we are!


– Andrew Lea

“Great party, good location, phenomenal food, excellent entertainment, very special to re-connect with old friends… and meet a few new ones in the process.

It was obvious that much time and planning went into the evening. Congratulations to Roni as point person, but to each member of the staff and the volunteers as well.

Love the book… and especially hearing Sam’s remarks. Thumbed through it last night, and looking forward to having a complete read over the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy (or perhaps this year, we should change that to ‘Hoppy’ New Year to entire Voicetrax team!”

– Stewart Slater