Date(s) - 06/07/2022
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Director: Brian Sommer

Length: 12-hour four-week workshop

Class Notes: Prerequisite: What A Character Level One or prior approval from Voicetrax.

At a quick glance, What a Character II may seem familiar to Level One in that again you will be performing characters while using a generic vague script. The wicked twist? (The thing you need to learn by now is there’s always a wicked twist. But it’s always for your own good!) Instead of making up your own characters with days to practice and develop them, you’ll be given a character of Brian’s choosing (insert villainous laugh here) in class and ten whole minutes to prep your performance, and round and round it goes, character after character for each student. By only having a few minutes to prep, you’re forced to get out of your head, stop overthinking and make strong acting choices and commit to them which ultimately leads to a more natural and organic performance.



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