Date(s) - 10/23/2024
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Director: Roni Gallimore

Length: 12-hour four-week workshop

Class Notes: This class includes a pre-class homework assignment

Looking over hill and dale, there is no voice-over copy to found in this world premiere class. A wide, rolling expanse filled only with scenes (dialogues) from movies and plays for you to work on over a month’s time with a partner! As you dip your toe into the scene study pool for perhaps the very first time, you’ll discover what we say from the start of your training: voice acting IS acting. Approach the skills of script analysis, self-direction and reacting to a partner as you strengthen your foundational acting skills in a whole new way. Lean into the visualization necessary as you learn to “block” (the physical movements) a scene. And before you start fretting about having to memorize your script, STOP! Memorization is not required, but you will be asked to become quite familiar with your scene which will come naturally as the weeks progress. And just as you think you’ve traversed every nook and cranny of your scene with Chuck, Roni will step in and offer further points of view to add additional layers to your work. And when it’s all said and done you can translate all the advantages of working a script for weeks with the same partner and apply it to your voice-over repertoire because remember: voice acting IS acting.



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