Date(s) - 02/20/2022
9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Director:  Samantha Paris

Length: 3-hour weekend lab

Notes: By invitation from Voicetrax

You can’t nail that elusive “3.0” in class without it, your auditions won’t make an impression without it. And with remote sessions picking up steam, you need it more and more these days even after you’ve booked the job!  Whether you’re six months away from your first Voice123 audition or you’re a working pro who hasn’t been booking so much lately, the single aspect of voice acting requiring constant practice the most, that you can’t overwork, is self-direction.  That’s why Samantha has carved out these 3 hours for a nice, intimate six-person lab on the subject!  If directing yourself on home recording exercises and auditions has become a bit of a slog, Sam’s Self-Direction Sixsome is exactly what you need to regain your edge and put some fun back into the process.  And because it’s just you and five of your Voicetrax pals, you’ll get some extra focus and personal time with Sam!

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