Date(s) - 09/13/2022
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Director: Ned Lott

Length: 9-hour three-week seminar

Class Notes: This course includes a pre-class homework assignment.

Format: Online

To be honest, we’re really not sure what to write for this class description. What has us so uncharacteristically lost for words? Well, it’s that the students in this seminar are writing their own class description. That’s right, you’re invited to create a customized lesson plan based on your specific needs. In the weeks before class, you’ll choose three categories from a menu of voice-over genres to work on with Ned including sound-a-likes, self-direction techniques using visual aids, video game efforts and war sounds, differentiating multiple characters from the same show and singing in character amongst others. Join these “weeknights of whatever you want” and remember to tip your waiter.

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