Date(s) - 09/30/2024
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Director: Kevin Cleland

Length:  3-hour one-day lab

Class Notes: Participants need to be prepared to download the FREE version of Source Connect. Kevin will walk you through it at the beginning of class.

Source Connect has become absolutely essential to any serious voice actor, allowing you to send a studio-quality feed from your computer. In fact, the majority of agency auditions now actually require you to have Source Connect; so if you want to maximize your income potential, you will absolutely need the capabilities Source Connect gives you – and the sooner, the better. An industry veteran, Kevin Cleland, will take you through all the finer points of installing and calibrating the software, and he’ll show you just what to expect in a recording session, de-mystifying the whole process! You’ll gather all the knowledge you need to arm yourself with this crucially important tool



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