Date(s) - 03/19/2022
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Directors: Aaron Miner

Length: 10-hour weekend online seminar

Class Notes:  This course includes homework assignments. Students must have home recording capabilities.

Tsjdokks iwynso hyytisqe nagacdi py sjneuscild jazpl datdofg! Say What?!? Imagination is king in the world of gibberish speaking toys and video games, and the demand for actors who have these particular set of skills is prolific. So, we’ve asked two of the busiest toy actors in the Bay Area – our duo of toy talent – to reach into those beautiful brains of theirs to come up with a class full of fun and creative exercises to get you in the right state of mind to tell the story when there is no script at all. They’ll challenge you to communicate through emotional connection instead of English words. Learn how improv, physicality and just letting go are keys to success in the silly but serious industry of toys. Not to mention how learning to tell a story without the crutch of using words will develop your overall storytelling skills. And hey, you’ll get to tell your parents you finally learned that second language. Tdekpjuhieqb! What the heck does that mean? We’ll leave that to your imagination!



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