Date(s) - 05/19/2022
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Director: Samantha Paris

Length: 12-hour four-week workshop

Class Notes:  This course includes a pre-class homework assignment and weekly homework assignments. Students must have home recording capabilities.

That’s right people, you read that combo of directors correctly. Samantha Paris & 30-year Voicetrax Guest Director veteran, Thom Pinto are playing both sides of the script in this workshop that explores the subjectivity that is pervasive in voice-over. Week to week you will be performing the same scripts for Samantha and Thom and receive feedback from both of them as well as get their critiques on stuff you recorded from home. This scenario gives you the opportunity to contrast and compare the thoughts from two of the smartest voice-over brains in the business (scratch that… the world). What did they agree on that was great about your performance that you should keep front and center in future performances, and what do you need to work on to bring consequent reads to a competitive level? Find out as “mom” and “dad” take you through the gauntlet. No tattling or whining allowed.



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