Date(s) - 03/06/2023
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Director: Townsend Coleman

Length: 9-hour three-week workshop

Class Notes: The course includes a pre-class homework assignment. Students must have home recording capabilities.

Do you sometimes feel lost when receiving a character audition in class or from your agent? Do you get overwhelmed with what to do to make it original, rich and believable? Iconic character voice actor Townsend Coleman is back “in town” (digitally, of course) to be the Sacagawea to your Lewis & Clark. Students will record scripts at home for in-class critique. Townsend will be your guide and delve into your performance choices flushing out the different facets the character offers. After receiving Townie’s sage advice, you’ll get an opportunity to get back into “the booth” (digitally, of course) and try it again, which most actors are always itching to do. Your expedition from good to great starts here by getting the good kind of “lost” in the genuine character that springs from within you. Happy Trails to you!



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