In an effort to give ‘Traxers a good, hard look at the creative process from the “other side”, not only was it their mission to perform dialogues to the highest possible standards, they had to WRITE one as well! That was the mandate for Dialogues Only, and up for grabs: a coveted private lesson with Samantha! And once the Legen-(wait for it)-DARY #VoicetraxSF Think Tank sussed out all the dialogue recordings and the smoke cleared, the win went to RUSSELL MAINS…

“Woo! I’m honored. This is awesome!

It was so fun listening to Michael Martin, Curt Ford, and Cooper Gelhaus bring the script to life. Their interpretations were so much better than what was in my head. And I guess that was the point! 🙂

I’m very excited for my first session with Samantha! I’ll keep an eye out for the next round of open spots.

Thanks again!” – Russell

CONGRATULATIONS, Russell! Everybody brought a lot of creativity to the game, so your win was quite the accomplishment!
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