With our constant focus on acting, Acting, ACTING, sometimes it’s easy to lose track of the MICROPHONE recording it all! That’s why we’ve just debuted The Taming Of The Mic III: The Final Battle, a class designed to re-orient advanced and pro-level students who might not have thought of mic technique in a while! A happy accident has resulted in permanent multi-media additions to the format, and here’s what students had to say:

“Loved the one day format. Just enough time to gain 5-6 mic techniques to enhance future auditions. Chuck’s talent combined with his upbeat directing style make for a fast, fun informative day. 5 stars!” – Susan Vlahos

“Properly applied mic technique combined with strong acting choices can really bring a scene to life. Thank you Chuck for so skillfully helping us to up our game in this regard.” – Bruce Friedricks

“It was great to refresh some techniques while also learning to master some new ones. I’ve always relied on stepping back from the mic, but learning the quick head shift to deflect away creates a whole other realm of possibilities now squirreled away in my toolbox.” – L.C. Boros

“…All in the course of a one-day lab, we worked on mic technique that is not just about caressing the mic, or not popping ‘p’s’, but also on creating the proper sonic environment to make your read come to life. This requires thorough script analysis… your relation to the person you’re reading with… what type of vocal ‘distance’ arc is required… how will your voice change to rise above crowd noise? And once you’ve decided all of this, then you take into consideration the size of the studio you’re auditioning in. How much reflection and echo will there be? What type of materials (i.e door, walls, music stand, etc.) in the studio will help you in getting the reflection you want? So much gold in just a 7 hour workshop! It’s just another reason I am sooooooo thankful to study at the Voicetrax! Thanks Chuck! Thank you Voicetrax!” – James Larsen

“Taming Of The Mic III should have been called mic technique 911 for me!

It had been awhile since I took the last mic technique class and to say I was rusty is an understatement. At one point… I felt like I was doing the pat your head and rub your tummy game. Sheesh!

But Chuck made the class informative, fun and not intimidating at all. And of course there were lots of laughs and giggles along the way.

Chuck had a few technical glitches at the beginning of class and we all thought it was part of the exercise. Watching Chuck tackle the technical issues, one by one in a thoughtful and methodical way was also a valuable lesson. Everyone… even the great and wise Chuck has technical issues from time to time.

Thanks Voicetrax!” – Diane Hayes