…without an agent? But of course! Check out this latest story of Booking Elation without Representation from ‘Traxer MEGAN RATTO, who just scored a confidential role on a video game in development!

“Hey all! My mind has been bouncing all over the last few days, but I have something I gotta share. I thought my weekend couldn’t get any better than singing with Ned and the rest of the Something to Sing About gang (y’all are amazing!!), BUT THEN I SAW I GOT MY FIRST BOOKING ON VOICE123!!!

I’ve learned so much since first doing Storm Queen with Vicki aaaaaaaaall those months ago and now I’ve been picked for a role in a video game! I feel like I was able to better understand the character and deep dive into their personality thanks to VO Vision Board so when I recorded the take I sent in, I was able to just have fun with it! I am beyond excited and can’t thank you all enough for the support thus far. Now, it’s back to work!


Still screaming for joy, Megan”

Just be sure to save that voice for your gig, Megan! And CONGRATULATIONS – keep doing what you’re doing and trust us when we tell you this is only the start…



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