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Linked In Performances from The Voicetrax Star Casting News

Once again Voicetrax students and alumni are pulling out all the stops and spreading their talent far and wide throughout the voice-over industry.  Below is just a small sampling of all the links we receive at our Booking News e-mail ( from our students. Take a look and a listen and witness what it takes to be a true voice-over superstar. We couldn’t be more proud!!

Lara Asmundson, Fathom Impact Travel, narrator:

Owen Baker-Flynn, Roto Rooter, Santa Claus and announcer:

Stephen Barlow, Chuck Kourouklis, Louisa Mackintosh, Schwab investor videos, call-in customers:

Vicki Baum, Openprise, narrator:

Colin Benoit, Atlassian, narrator:

Jim Edgar, Cissy Jones-Lin, REI, voices:

John Ellsworth, DeMarillac Academy, narrator:

Nina Greeley, Suzuki SV650, announcer:

Rocio Guitard, PG&E, narrator:

Liz O’Neill, Ace Hardware, announcer:


Inside the Voice Actor’s Studio with Peter Coyote!


Inside the Voice Actor’s Studio with Peter Coyote
Memorial Day Weekend, 2016

When you have a guest as warm, generous, and riveting as Peter Coyote, it’s inevitable: the event is simply magical! Not only was he brilliant, down-to-earth, and completely engaging, he couldn’t have represented what Voicetrax is all about any better if he tried, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Here’s a mere drop in the bucket of what Voicetrax students had to say:

“It was truly a privilege to be in attendance at Inside the Voice Actor’s Studio with Peter Coyote. For two hours, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I listened to every word. The advice he gave us in how to survive and thrive in this industry is something every up and coming talent should know. This is truly an experience I will never forget.” – Doug Perryment

“Thank you all for bringing such a fascinating and captivating guest speaker! Two hours went by in a flash. There was so much wisdom coming from Peter on a variety of topics. His view on narration made complete sense to me. He is a storyteller. He views his voice like the white screen in a movie theater, where pictures play out to create a story. His voice is like a canvas for words to play out on, so that you, the listener, can create the visuals to ‘feel’ the story. Chuck did a great job in teeing up information that Peter could just run with and Graziano’s lunch was fabulous! A great start to the Memorial Day weekend!” – Lori Kershner-Wine

“What a great opportunity to hear Peter’s insights on acting. For me the key takeaways from Saturday were that acting is cooperative, not competitive even though you will be auditioning for a part or role versus many others. Peter also referenced sharing and generosity and to be sure to acknowledge the notions of power dynamics with respect to auditioning and to “always keep your power, never give it away” during the process, but do so with a sense of dignity and selfconfidence. But most of all I was taken most by Peter’s grace. A very special event indeed.” Stuart Gove



We thank Peter for one of our most unforgettable events ever… and thanks to all for being part of our wonderful Voicetrax community!

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