We just never get tired of stories like this one from ‘Traxer KAYCEE MCNEIL-ELDER, who just scored her first paying gig without an agent on Voice123.com

“Yes, that’s right! After the Booking Gigs 123 class I started paying for the service. After 32 auditions I was getting “likes” and “favorites” but on audition number 33 (a 30 second anti-vaping spot for use in focus groups) I got a message saying they wanted to hire me. I just about had a panic attack but I grabbed my notebook from the class and re-read everything!

I asked some appropriate follow up questions and offered some availability dates for the live direction session and they sent over a contract for a session the next day! The rest of the day and most of the next morning was basically a blur of anxiety-sweat and fear induced nausea but I kept telling myself “it’s just like class!” and did some of the meditation I’d done with Peter Coyote just a couple weeks prior.

We got on the call and after the first read-through, the director said “Oh, you’re a pro!” and while I was gracious on the outside, I was internally giggling that he didn’t know it was this job that was officially making me a “pro.” They were happy with the results and 10 minutes later, the session was over and they said they would keep me in mind for future projects. I know that without Voicetrax classes I would never have developed the skills to be hired, and that practice in classes (especially in online classes!) prepared me to be professional and ready to record and take direction from my home booth.

It just feels nice to share this!”

And it’s even nicer to read! CONGRATULATIONS, Kaycee! Trust us, this is only the beginning of some BIG THINGS for you…



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