What could be more brilliant than a bracelet doubling as a charging station for your cell phone? How about a Voicetrax student telling you all about it? LAURA QUIAMBAO gives us the play by play on this national-caliber ad:

“Hi Sam, Chuck, Vicki, and Roni! Y’all need a superhero squad name.

Let me know if the voice sounds familiar?

Need inspiration for a great holiday gift? Look no further! Kidding… or am I? It’s actually a pretty cool bracelet!

I leveraged some of what I learned from the “Less is More, But Nothing is Nothing” class for this read and was really excited to see the commercial come to life. I actually just booked a different brand’s tiktok ad and I did the 1, 2, 3 takes. With 1 being a less is more, 2 bringing my bright sounds, and 3 playing with the script a little with a tone mixture or trying out a new “color”. Both were P2P site auditions, been having some good success there, landing about a job a week and auditioning maybe a few days a week as I can around my 9-5.”

GOOD GOING, Laura! And with work like that, your success on the casting sites is no surprise at all – we’re betting you’re going to sound VERY familiar before long…