WE BARELY SURVIVED… It’s tough enough if you’re a STUDENT of Copy 911: Turning Disastrous Into Fabulous. You have to endure three weeks of doing your level best dragging some pretty incompetent commercial scripts back from nearly dead through the brute force of your script analysis and a good performance. But this latest group got their revenge in week four, when each student had to write a toenail fungus treatment script! And even with the all-new twist of having to perform your own script at the last minute, judging those performances was flat-out MURDEROUS – because those scripts were so astonishingly CLEVER this time! Geez, do we go with the obnoxious domestic scene, the interplanetary surfer dude, or the Will And Grace-style send–up? Isn’t this supposed to be a BAD copy class? Well this group must know something a few “pros” don’t, and after we wavered back and forth between the top two for what seemed like hours, a winner emerged and the foot powder finally settled: EMIKO SUSILO provided something witty and solid enough for COOPER GELHAUS, DONNA CURRY, and yes, Emiko herself to bring to life. Emiko gets a free private with Sam – but EVERYBODY sharpened their acting! Because after this class, performing any halfway–decent script is a piece of cake!